First Job (HFCA)

Currently I am working with HFCA to write all the match report of the team game and work as an interpreter.  Information below is the work that I put in the match of HFCA against Svay Chrum and it also posted in HFCA website.  

Match Report 

HFCA’ s match against Svay Chrum on March 13th, 2018 was incredible. Both teams gave 100% effort in the game. The game resulted in a draw of 4:4.

During the first half, HFCA had strong ball control. HFCA players scored 3 goals in the first 30 minutes of the game. Svay Chrum did not score. At the first 11 minutes, Hem Sreang scored the first goal from about 25 meters away from net. After that goal, Svay Chrum pushed hard to take over HCFA’s side. Six minutes after the first goal was scored, Mey Monira faked three of the Svay Chrum players and scored a beautiful goal, which made the score 2:0.

Twelve minutes after the second goal, HFCA player Minea made a penalty shot after the fault of a Svay Chrum player, making the score 3:0. After the first three goals were scored by HFCA, the pressure increased. Tit Dina, a player for the national team, was warming up and entered the game. This changed everything. Dina assisted two goals and scored one goal after halftime for Svay Chrum. Dina’s successful passes and ball control helped his team score and become more competitive.  

At the end of the first half, HFCA made many defensive mistakes. HFCA seemed to lose control by allowing the opponent to shoot freely without much defense. The score at halftime was 3:2, HFCA leading by one goal.

Within the first fifteen minutes of the second half, Svay Chrum scored two more goals which gave them the lead. Eleven minutes later, HFCA scored again, tying the game. HFCA played strong the first half, but Svay Chrum dominated the second half.

Match Detail 



Svay Chrum





Free Kick



Off side





Ball Position 


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