The Rent Collector Peom

  • Vitou
    • My feeling of The Rent Collector Literature

    Where did Sopheap learn to read ? is the question

    This question short but it’s burst me in tear

    Since I was young I never thought I was appear

    There are less luck to people who are poor.

    I stop being judge to people who are poor

    Because they are happy to what have in school.  

    They satisfied being with everythings they have even them poor

    But their knowledge might not be as poor as you.

    One day I will step to help the people who live in dump  

    Because the dump place doesn’t mean people live in the dump is not smart

    But one day living in the dump could make them smart if they keep learning like Sopheap.

    “Don’t judge Sopheap by her alcoholism”

Photography Poem


I thinks the way they treat me is incredible

I need more cash so my friends can include me more.


I don’t need the dirty money because you thinks I am poor

I am so happy after getting change with cans and money.


I say thanks you and Sompes to people who gives change to me

I will never forget who give value to me.


I hope you know that I doesn’t want to be poor

I birth from my mom so just like you.


I never care if you hate me or not

I hope one day I could see the bright .


I can get the sight of going to school

I will help everyone in Cambodia so they can go to school

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