I Changed my Country

About the HFCA internship, I learned so many things. Once every two weeks I went to the KHM stadium with members and players from Happy Football Cambodia Australia to lead a team to compete in the KHM Champion League. HFCA hopes that through football we can give these young people a reason to smile and forget about the issues they face even if its only for a few hours when they are training or playing a game. If they work hard enough they too can dream of one day getting on a plane for the first time to fly to a Homeless World Cup to represent Cambodia. I am really proud to be part of their help to these disadvantaged people. I contribute so much by working as an interpreter for HFCA. I interpret a lot of advances technical words for Football form the coach. HFCA’s coach is Irish and so some of his English accents are a little bit tough for me as a second language speaker but get I over it. Paraic is the coach and I describe him as a questioning person; every time he is mad at the referee at the tournament he’s always going ask directly after the game. He used many strong English words that are hard to tell in Khmer but I am trying to make it easy for the referee to understand. My job is to interpret those words to the referee well and I did it.


I gain tremendous knowledge by working for HFCA. I expand my English skills by interpreting from English to Khmer. I also have a good connection with all the players. I interpret English into Khmer and they said it is much easy to understand. Although some of the players are uneducated, I always make them feel comfortable working with me and enjoy the game. Interpreting and talking to them one on one before and after the game is building a great relationship with them.


As a change agent of the Liger Leadership Academy student, I am really delightful working with disadvantages players under Happy Football Cambodia Australia. I bring so much to the organization even though I am working as an internship program.

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