Football: The sport I have played the most is football. One day, during

my second year in Liger school, I heard my coach, Jeff, said that  our

team would have a big competition with a lot of schools in one day. I

waited for the day and waited and waited for this big football competition. I

went to tell my coach Jeff, “I wait a long time to play in the football

competition Jeff.” Jeff replied back, “You need to make this simple and

you need to practice a lot to be a winner”.

I started  to do like Jeff told me. When the big competition day came, I

woke up in the morning with a smile on my face and my father said, “This

day you need to win this competition, so you need to eat a lot because

that can make you strong.”  

I came to school.  Then my school bus started to drive on the road to one

organization. When we wanted the organization, there were a lot of

schools, like iCAN school, Northbridge school, CIA school and other

schools. Before we played we needed to listen to the referee tell us when

we would start to play.

My team started to play with one school called CIA. We beat them. I shot

one goal and my friends named David and Chhoeu shot two more goals.

My team could go into the next round and we won one more game.  I shot

two more goal in another game, so I had a total of three goals.

We played until there were four teams left but we lost one team  by

penalty kicks. Next time we need to practice more. When I came home I

felt tired and went to sleep. This football competition made me like this

sport more and more.

I like football because this sport shows me a lot of teams work and I can make  a lot of friends.

For example, I met my friend named Jaime and he met me

a lot of times when I played in football competitions. Jaime, he came from

iCAN school and he shared a lot of ideas about how to win with me.  He

told me about strategy in the football game. That strategy it was my

favorite thing in football that I will not forget. Also, this football sport, it

makes me healthy and more good.