Expertise to me is more independent time to read news and the book.  It actually help me to prepare all of those reading exam.  

Change Cambodia

Living in the world with sharing and helping people is my habit that can make the world into a better place. Including today millon of human had seen some changes with their help and development by human. Cambodia is one of the country that is still developing but to me Cambodia is my life and Cambodia will be developed in the future because my family, friends, teacher, and me were born here so we will had some changes by our self.


Myself as a 15years old kid was back behind and lack of experiences to the world but life is not always like this.  Help government about filmmaking lesson to teach people arround the community about a agricultural skill and last but least is teaching english to Cambodia students. It seemed less to tell but these is clearly show that I had changed Cambodia by my way


As you know Cambodia students most of them can’t not access to electronic devices like camera, computer and other online technology so they can not apply to join any other filming event in the city at all. From previous year I has learn about how to be a filmmaker with a HollyWood movie writer name Rich Herbeck and he is a really good teacher that inspire me wants to help to teach the kid that had no technology access. After finish my project with Rich Herbeck I decided to talk with him about helping government kid to be a filmmaker just like me before he left Cambodia and he said “yes”. After a few month my team finish the project as a exploration we still continue as a expertise class which had a group of students including me tried to gather students to join this opportunity by me about the film. It is hard to get the students came and have a film class but I always happy because I am a change agent. Summer break has come all Liger students head home to enjoy their time including me but I am still unhappy becuase I can not catch student up to teach in this long term holiday so I decided to tell teacher we need to have exploration to teached them more in a long term. After we come back from holiday we learned with a new exploration subject not include film which makes me so sad. Dream came true in the middle of years 5 has exploration topic called “Film in Government School”. We had 8 students that participate to teach government student and continue as their exploration credit. In 8 weeks goal of this exploration is to make students understand the basic of the film and biggest point to let’s them make a movie to join Phnom Penh Film Festival. This had been past but I won’t forget these time that I help Cambodian.


Cambodia as agriculture country need to have more idea about fertilizer and other compost that is no chemical for their product to sell. It my last explorations and it also one of the the special one to research and sharing with people around the community that do agriculture. We had been reasearch for 7 weeks and we come up with many solution about convincing people to use compost. I knows more about compost and stuff by going to trip at the organic farm at Sihanoukville which is part of changing Cambodia because my team and I were the youngest kid ever that learn and get knowledge from that. Not only learning myself my team and I already had lesson to teach the community about using compost and say no to chemical.


NERC is the organization that I believe that the students should have a bright future. In the middle of the years 5 school break I’ve been teaching to 11 grade students about their pronunciation skill. I am happy because that was my first time to teach older students but everything’s going so well because I can see how much they can improve their speaking skill. I knows that this job is a really huge responsibility because to spread the seed well and grow you need to have people care just like me care about next seed that not yet grow or improve Cambodia. It been along time that I participate with these organization so hopefully I think Liger can give some support to their learning material because they need more help.


I need to keep working on what can I help to my community around me I will always xchange my hard working to people benefit because this call life.

Coaching Football

One of my passion is football and I really love to make people improve same time as me. Football is just part time class that teach to be healthy and to make everyone have fun around. After the junior generation join our school my job is to coach them become a good player and look after them have a good sport behavior. I’ve been coach them for a years and we have lot of match against other under 13 years old team.

Summer break teaching.

This holiday I had been teaching one NGO called NERC about English pronunciation and help them translate the story. I am really excited to tech all of them because they are on grade 10 and 11 which is on high level of Khmer class.


Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge exploration is 1 out of 25 of exploration in this years that really important to learn. Mostly this topic is about Khmer Rouge regime and how people in that time live also to gather people perspective.


This Khmer Rouge exploration is really interesting to learn it also bring some of the worst picture that we ever seen before but we still happy to learn and share to people what we got. Our exploration have a lot of small trip to go to listen and visit some of the history place and people who have been in Khmer Rouge Regime to gather information for our final product. We also have one big trip to go to Siem Reap and Oddar Meanchey to visit war museum and also to interview people that have been alive in that time. At Odor Meanchey especially at the border there are a lot of old people that left from Khmer Rouge regime so this a good resource to interview them as our knowledge. After we back from the big trip we now started to make final product for the sharing day to share to everyone what we have done for this past 7 week of study about Khmer Rouge.


This Exploration show me a lot of history that happened in Khmer Rouge. People know this a lot but still some people don’t know how it feel like to be a person in that time because there were a lot of secret information so we need to ask a lot of people to get clear information.

Tresh Track FLL

  • The plastic problem
  • How plastic affect the health
  • What is the solution
  • 3R reduce reuse recycle

We want to let people know how to change their behavior and would like them know how bad the plastic were. We also want to give what the information that we have been research to the competition.

                                    Solution of the plastic

Educate people by waste

  • In each country is have the schools and in the school is have education but instead of learning we can teach a student how to use the plastic well. We want to let the kids know a lot about plastic and how bad it is. It not just tell how bad the plastic is but tell them how to use the bad thing become the good thing. First step we can donate to plastic or something that can recycle to the school that can make them feel want to change the world and also if they were adult they will try to do what they have been doing before. We can also try to make a book that tell to recycle the plastic so they will got a lot of Idea to try to recycle.

3R (reduce reuse recycle)

  • The solution of the plastic is 3R reduce reuse recycle. Reduce is one way that people can try to use the plastic less. It was very large topic that people should know we need to use it less because when we use it a lot it will become earth plastic so it affect a lot to people and not just you must remember. Reuse is the part of 3R so it mean whatever the plastic is we can use it again like bottle and plastic bag. Recycle is the most important that people should know all around the world. Recycle when we use the plastic we can make a plastic that we use it already to make a different thing that can help us. It also when we recycle the plastic we will know how important to recycle plastic it is. Solution is