Rabies Mission at Chompous Kaek and Koh Krobey Pagodas

On February 8, 2018 my exploration team and I went to two different pagoda to work with Animal Rescue Cambodia which is an organization that vaccinate and do surgery for dogs and cats in Cambodia. As you know in Cambodia there are about 5 million dogs and half of them contain rabies so which mean you are 50% chance of getting rabies because of the bite etc. So Animal Rescue Cambodia and our Liger Leadership Adcademy team went to two that nearby our school to inject the rabies vaccination for free. This is Animal Rescue Cambodia mission but as the Liger students we would love to make change and also would love help them to find the better to inject the pets because we plan alot things to help many different organization or institute to help to reduce the rabies virus in Cambodia. Also I am the one doing the most vaccinate to the dogs and cats. I enjoyed working as a wet to help to reduce the 50% risk of rabies. I love being as a animal wet and I wish somehow in the future I can do this as a part time job because I really love to reduces the problem in Cambodia.

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